Crafting: Making a Living in Guild Wars 2

Continuing the build-up to PAX East, Anet’s Andrew McLeod talks about his assigned area of GW2 game design: Crafting. McLeod takes the time to briefly guide us through the different Disciplines, the different ways to gather materials, and the crafting process.The article does not reveal too much depth, but it does reveal what seems like a pretty sound system in place. Hopefully not much of Anet’s favorite catch phrase will be necessary (to clarify, I mean “iteration”).

Essentially, there are 8 disciplines. 3 that deal with melee, ranged, or magical weapons; 3 that deal with heavy, medium, or light armors; and 2 auxillary: Jewelcrafting and Cooking. You can only have 2 disciplines at a time. There is an experience bar to gain more crafting skill in that discipline. There are no “gathering” disciplines. Simple stuff that comes pretty standard these days, right? Anet made some interesting tweaks to the normal, vanilla mmo crafting system.

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