Faltering in My Determination…But It’s Worth It

Okay, I know I said I wouldn’t comment on anything until the end of Charr Week, and I did mean that, but I do need to make this my official best quote from Charr week…and it’s Wednesday. In the Artistic Origin of the Charr article on the Anet Blog, the end that they leave us with was probably the best way to end any of the “concept art days” from the race weeks. Here’s the last snip-it from the article:

Concept Art Team Lead Kekai Kotaki was responsible for bringing the look of the charr 250 years into the future, to the time of Guild Wars 2. The warlike charr have changed a great deal since they first appeared in Guild Wars, so their updated design had to reflect their more industrial culture. I thought we’d let Kekai get in the final word on the charr.

Q: Kekai, how did you approach the charr design for Guild Wars 2?

Kekai: My approach was simple: make the charr badass. And then make them even more badass.

Racial Discrimination

At this point, we all know enough about each race to have an idea of what race we want to play. Especially since 90% of the choice is aesthetic instead of practical.

As someone going into the psychological field after college, polls and surveys have become my guilty pleasure. SO, I’m curious. What race are you planning to make your main character?