ISB Alliance

I’m currently an active officer of Intrepid Shadow Blades [ISB], leader of the ISB alliance in Guild Wars. Above all, we value community and teamwork, winning in pvp or doing well in pve is merely a biproduct of the cooperation, respect and camaraderie that we strive for.

Official ISB Alliance Info from the website:


The [ISB] Alliance was first started with the creation of the Intrepid Shadow Blades [ISB] guild, founded on September 29, 2005. The guild was created by guild leader/founder Biggie Gimp and other in-game players and friends. The objective of the guild was to create a fun, respectful and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone. Whether you are new to the game or an experienced player, everyone is treated equally and included in all guild/alliance related activities.

The Intrepid Shadow Blades guild has been actively involved with PvE and PvP alliances to faction based alliances. While involved with faction based alliances, Intrepid has succeeded in ownership of many towns, including House Zu Heltzer (#1 Kurzick Town). After a long period of faction farming, the guild decided to move forward towards more PvE and PvP activities such as HM missions, dungeons, vanquishing, Fissure of Woe, Underworld, hosting guild events, etc. After four years of Intrepid, the guild expanded and the Icy Swords of Battle [ISB] was born. Icy [ISB] was created with the same values and goals in mind. With two united forces combined Intrepid and Icy now lead an alliance with other allied guilds.

Today, the [ISB] Alliance has been recognized as one of the most established PvE based guild/alliance in the Guild Wars game. [ISB] prides in creating a friendly environment where others can create friendships and overall, have a fun gaming experience!


The [ISB] Alliance is a PvE/RP (Players vs. Environment/Role Playing) and PvP (Player vs. Players) Alliance. We enjoy helping new and experienced players.

The ISB Alliance offers:

  • 4 Years + old (Founded Age)
  • Kurzick Alliance
  • PvX Alliance (PvE and PvP)
  • Fully Upgraded Guild Halls
  • Website and Forums
  • Active Ventrilo Server
  • Titles (Title Rewards and Wall of Title Achievements -WoTA- Posting)
  • Faction PvP (Alliance Battles, Jade Quarry, Fort Aspenwood)
  • PvP: (Guild Battles, Heroes’ Ascent, Random Arenas, Codex Arena)
  • Vanquishing
  • DTSC (Drazach Thicket Speed Clearing)
  • Urgoz Warren
  • Underworld, Fissure of Woe, Dungeons, SoO
  • Many Guild/Alliance Events and Contests!
  • Giveaways!
  • Guild KOS (Kill On Sight) System
  • Great Admins and Guild Support
  • Sponsors




-MUST abide by the Alliance rules. Alliance rules can be found here
-Most importantly, be respectful to others. Any form of inappropriate behavior or comments to other guild or alliance members will result a kick from the guild.
-Be active. If you are offline for more than two weeks, you will be kicked from the guild. Exceptions apply if there is a notification in our “Away Messages” forum.


Interested in joining the [ISB] Alliance?

You can fill in an application form in our “Guild Applications” forum by clicking here, email us at: or you can contact one of our following officers or leaders through a website or in-game private message.

Please include information about your:

Guild Wars Character Name?
Involved in another guild?
Location (Country)?
Do you use Ventrilo or have a microphone?

Any additional information about yourself and why you would like to join us is appreciated!

We look forward to gaming with you!

We welcome you to become a part of our community!

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