Code of Conduct and Guild Charter

Code of conduct

Alright, here are some basic rules just to keep things running smoothly and without incident:

1. Language is a tough judgement call. We will keep it light as long as people are respectful of race/sex/religion/nationality.

2. No posting inappropriate/explicit material. It has no place in our site/forums/etc.

3. No trolling. If all you are doing is trying to cause trouble, then this is not the place to do it. Such posts WILL be deleted and you WILL be reported to a moderator for it. Now if all you’re doing is posting negative feedback then I respect that. Just keep it polite and we’ll be fine.

Guild Charter

What is The Fortuna Consortium

We are part of a larger family of guilds, the ISB Alliance. ISB is an alliance of guilds, mainly based in Guild Wars (for now) and we will be using that site as our home base. The rules (some of which may not be applicable until game launch, i.e. activity) of the guild, alliance and services are as follows:

General Rules

-Respect other players (incl. beginners), members of the guild and alliance.

-If you have a personal issue with a member of the guild/alliance, please talk with an officer about it to have it resolved.

-No message spamming in guild/alliance chat.

-Topics that should be avoided in guild/alliance chats and in forums are: religion, politics, sexuality, racism and profanity.

-Take part in guild/alliance events.

-Keep negative comments to yourself. If you have something to discuss/suggest, private message a -Leader/Officer in-game or on the website.

Guild Rules

-Do not be afraid to ask questions. If you do not get a response in guild chat, PM an officer with your question in game, or here on the website. Do not be discouraged if an officer does not answer you in guild chat right away. Please be patient, they will answer you as soon as they can. If you don’t get an answer, try asking in the alliance chat!

-Try to use the website and forums actively.

-Notify an officer if you are going to be inactive for one week or more. (Visit our Away Messages forum to leave a notification.) If you do not notify the guild of your absence, then you will be kicked from the guild due to inactivity. If you have something unexpected happen and are unable to notify the guild that you are going to be away from GW, you are welcome back into the guild. Either PM an officer or leave a message on the forum.

-Always comply with guild leaders/officers/admin requests.

Alliance Rules

-Do not steal members from other ally guilds within the same game. (No guild hopping)

-Using a public vent server is a privilege, so be respectful to all users on vent.

-Please attend all alliance meetings if you are the leader of an allied guild, bring any trusted officers/members that you feel should participate in discussion. If you are unable to attend a meeting, please make sure you have an officer to attend.

Ventrilo Server Rules

-Respect all users on the Ventrilo server.

-No private message spamming.

-No name impostor (using other user names)

-No excessive channel hopping/switching.

-No commenting inappropriate images, text, sounds, videos is tolerated (especially towards young age users.)

-Respect admin requests.

Website & Forum Rules

-No posting inappropriate images, text, sound, videos in forums.

-Website Moderators: Do NOT change or delete custom pages, forum, or shout posts without permission from the poster/creator, unless inappropriate.

Any violation of the rules may/will result in a kick or ban.

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