Pic of the Day: Remember Kids, Brush Your Teeths

Just in case you were wondering....



Its that time of the year again where we offer the celestial a 5 course meal to give us luck in the new year. This year, like years before, ISB alliance sponsored a District in Shing Jea Monastery (this year District 72) and provided the meals for every celestial visit in the 24 hours of the finale. We got a HUGE turnout this year, the entire district constantly filled up!

Giriff’s War

The two dungeon quests that occur in Sparkfly Swamp are basically a big parody of Red vs Blue, the machinima comedy using the Halo series. This side of the dungeon coin is easy to burn through with the more experienced of parties. No gimmick build needed for most professions.

Dhuum’s Demise

Cheating Death

The hardest thing about Dhuum is the fact that it takes HOURS just to get to him as well as the half hour to an hour it takes to kill him. You want to take along some things that daze and interrupts if you want to give your healers a break by interrupting his Judgement of Dhuum skill, which deals massive damage to everything in the room.