Character List: Updated

With the release of SWTOR, I have updated my character list and will do so as I make new characters. Check it out.


Warning: Some of the things you will hear in this post are indeed not news at all but rather a rant. Bear with me.

I just got an email from blizzard about my account. Apparently my World of Warcraft account has been accused of abusing the in-game economy among other things and has been closed. I haven’t played, paid into, or even accessed the account in over a year, maybe two.

I call shenanigans, you heard me, SHENANIGANS.

This is the THIRD time since ever starting WoW a few years ago (clearly I don’t play anymore, and for good reason) that my account was hacked. To say they have a security problem is an understatement. I remember the media hub bub of the hacking of Playstation Network in which personal information “may have” been obtained (allegedly) by the hacker group “Anonymous” and the probability of any credit card info being obtained was slim to nil. Yet there was a major outcry and overall shitfit over this. Yes, it caused gamers to miss out on about a month of game time, but no money was lost so far as I have heard.

I guarantee that the number of people who were legitimately effected by the PSN hack-age pales in the shadow of the number of poor souls who have had their WoW account hacked and abused. No, I haven’t looked up the numbers, so I technically have no “proof,” but do I really need to? Search your feelings, you know it to be true. Who knows what info they have gotten away with. Does Blizzard even know? In their “notice” email, they recognize this fact that if your account was found performing an illegal activity, that it might (and in my opinion,  probably has been) hacked and accessed by someone other than yourself.

In the end none of this is really news and none of it will really bring about any real change. The only thing I can affect is my own life.  I never plan to play WoW again, and I believe it only effects that account and not my account, so the effect on other blizzard games (i.e. Starcraft, Diablo) is non-existent. With all of this in mind, I really don’t feel the need to contest it. Did I commit the crime? No. It just seems like an exercise in futility.

So, the most important question is, should I even care?

Living Vicariously

I recently just visited my girlfriend (out of town) for our 1 year anniversary, missing the opportunity to go to PAX East (although it was equally as fun as PAX sounded, just wish they were on different weekends). I found that I missed playing Guild Wars, but not for the game strangely, but solely for the people I played with. In this recent boredom due to the staleness of Guild Wars combined with the long wait ’til Guild Wars 2, I’ve found myself drawn toward looking for a fresh game. Granted that I continue to play Guild Wars (more socially now than anything), I need something to fill that gap. Continue reading