[SWTOR] The Guild-ening: the Fortuna Consortium

I recently started a guild with some RL friends and guildmates over at the ISB Alliance. It is called the Fortuna Consortium. So far, however, we only have 3 of the necessary 4 pre-orders to be transferred into the game and of the 10 necessary to be considered for guild beta testing.

Interested in joining Fortuna Consortium? We are a relaxed, respectful and friendly guild. We also believe in maintaining integrity, helping/trading with other guild mates first and seeking excellence in all endeavors.

What’s with the name?

The Fortuna Consortium draws its name from some Roman ideals. Fortuna, the goddess of luck and fortune, typically blesses those who are humble and work hard to prepare for any situation, but are still willing to take a chance when the tough gets going and things don’t go according to plan. In other words, “Fortune favors the Bold.” As part of the Consortium, we need members who are willing to take chances in the name of the community and provide their services to those within it, whatever  your specialty may be. Maybe its trade, maybe it is your skills in combat, but whatever it is you choose to pursue, excel, exceed and expand our influence.


Who can join?

We are currently looking for any and all who are friendly enough, driven enough and mature enough (preferably 16-18 and over). We want people to join us, to grow as a family and as friends. We are more worried about the quality of people than the quantity. We want people who have a sense of humor and loyalty more than a sense of selfishness. We will be team players, and everyone matters from the day you join. We bad together so that everyone has fun, but we do want to win, so a competitive spirit is necessary.


Areas of Focus

We will maintain a focus in whatever areas  there is member support for. We will provide situations for all players to thrive, but while maintaining a solid foundation socially. We will definitely be looking into the open world pvp as well as the warzones. We are here to kill the republic and have fun in doing so. As far as PVE goes, we will participate in raids, flashpoints and questing (more so early on after launch). Given enough member support, hardcore groups can be established in both PVP and PVE. Even with these centers of focus, we will maintain a strong foundation of a friendly, helpful community.


Our Goal

We want to build a solid community. We want people to actually have fun in this game with friends. We want you to have all the activities and resources of a community together, along with the fun, and not make it feel like a job.


What server will you be playing on?

Currently, all we know is that it will be a US East PvP server.


Guild Features

-We have a website that will grow with the game and the guild. Links are at the top of the page.

-Mature yet fun atmosphere. Mature language is ok as long as it is not overboard.

-Ventrilo Chat

-Family of guilds from other games (ISB Alliance).


So please visit our website for more info, and to apply.

Fortune favors the bold, are you bold enough?