Racial Discrimination

At this point, we all know enough about each race to have an idea of what race we want to play. Especially since 90% of the choice is aesthetic instead of practical.

As someone going into the psychological field after college, polls and surveys have become my guilty pleasure. SO, I’m curious. What race are you planning to make your main character?


2 responses to “Racial Discrimination

  1. I’m undecided on what race to make my main, but I know I’ll make one character for each race.
    Leaning towards human,at the moment, just to follow in the footsteps of my GW1 characters.

    • Yeah I can understand that. I feel that is what the motivation is for most people staying human. That and the story is going to be epic just from the problem of politics alone.

      Since EOTN came out, I have wanted to dive into the culture and possibly history of the norn though, so I am going that direction. Plus I like their attitude and philosophy which basically consists of: every morning, a norn wakes up and asks him or herself, “how can I be the most badass possible today?” lol

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